Libertarianism and the Poor

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Two different friends in two different contexts recently asked me about Libertarian approaches to helping the poor.  Here’s what I had to say on that question in my  2012 collection of campaign essays, “Less We Can.”

Libertarianism and the Poor

We know free markets produce more prosperity, and we know government spending is often ineffective or worse.  But many are nonetheless reluctant to embrace libertarian ideas because of their commitment to social justice.  Without the welfare state, how would Libertarians take care of the poor? Read the rest of this entry »

Liberty Quotation of the Day: Hayek on Freedom as the Foundation of All Morality

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95d39/huch/1889/09“What our generation is in danger of forgetting is not only that morals are of necessity a phenomenon of individual conduct but also that they can exist only in the sphere in which the individual is free to decide for himself and is called upon voluntarily to sacrifice personal advantages to the observance of a moral rule.  Outside the sphere of individual responsibility there is neither goodness nor badness, neither opportunity for moral merit  nor the chance of proving one’s conviction by sacrificing one’s desires to what one thinks right.  Only where we ourselves are responsible for our own interests and are free to sacrifice them has our decision moral value.  We are neither entitled to be unselfish at someone else’s expense nor is there any merit in being unselfish if we have no choice.”

F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom [1944]

A Few Questions for the Maryland Megamillions Jackpot Winner

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MegamillionsThis morning we learn that one of the two winning tickets in last night’s Megamillions drawing was purchased in Maryland.  It wasn’t necessarily a Maryland resident, but it’s certainly likely to be a Maryland resident.  I don’t want to pry, but there are a few questions I’d love to ask, if anyone can put me in touch with the lucky winner: Read the rest of this entry »