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We conducted a survey at this year’s annual convention. We had 35 survey responses, though not everyone responded to all questions.

Percentage of people reporting being a member of the LPMD: 100%

Percentage of people reporting being a member of the National LP:  91%   

Percentage of people reporting attending a LPMD local event: 88%                              

Percentage of people reporting attending the LPMD Convention for the first time: 46%

Percentage of people reporting enjoying the convention (6 no responses): 100%

Average Number of libertarians personally known by respondents not currently in party: 4.1

Personal Importance-Issue Rankings: 1 highest, 5 lowest    (average)

Police accountability/reform: 2.6

Ending criminal prohibition of all drugs: 2.7

Eliminating the state income tax: 2.6

Decreasing regulations on small business 2.3         

Free-market environmentalism: 2.6

What is most effective in increasing our votes at the polls:

Attacking Democrats: 0

Attacking Republicans and Democrats Equally: 6

Focusing on our issues and ignoring R’s and Ds: 21

Building a coalition with R’s and Ds: 2

(The people who chose more than one. libertarians…😊): 2

LPMD priority for issue focus: 1 highest, 4 lowest (average)

Local: 1.79

State: 1.48

Federal: 2.62

International: 3.90

Preferred LPMD Membership Amount (currently $20)

Eliminate Dues: 2

Keep at $20: 7

Raise to $25: 13

Raise to $30: 8

Raise to $40: 1

How long have you been a member of either the state or national Libertarian Party?

Not yet: 1

Just Joined: 1

1 year: 9

2-3 years: 8

3-5 years: 6

5-10 years: 3

Over 10 years: 7

Thanks to all who participated in the survey. There was a strong correlation between people who chose a lower LPMD dues preference and those who are new members. There might be an argument that our dues should be raised but new members be given a discount for joining so it would be $20. We should discuss this further at our picnic meeting.