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5 Ways to Support Libertarianism Without Leaving Your House
  1. Register Libertarian
    Updating your voter registration is fast, easy, and costs nothing. If 1% of Maryland voters are registered Libertarian, we could have permanent ballot access. (No more petioning!) You can check on the status and update your registration here.

  2. Become a dues-paying member
    For $20 a year, you can become a dues paying member of the Libertarian Party of Maryland (LPMD). This is separate from the national Libertarian membership. Dues paying members are invited to accept the statement of nonaggression and participate in the LPMD Central Committee, which is our decision making body. Click here to learn more.

  3. Make a donation
    Asking for donations is always difficult – and it’s especially difficult when the inflationary policies of most recent administrations have been so extreme – but running the party costs money, and as you may have noticed, prices are rising. Please consider making a donation today.

  4. Open your LPMD emails
    Check your promotions, junk, and spam folders and mark our emails “not spam” and take 1 minute to scroll through the emails we send out. We try to limit it to just a couple of emails a month with just the really important updates.

  5. Show your support on social media
    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @lpmaryland. Please take a minute every time you are on social media to go to our profile and like, comment, and share on our posts. The social media algorithms really limit the spread of our content – likes, comments and shares help spread our message!   

    Every small effort has a big ripple effect. Thank you for supporting liberty in Maryland!