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We have a great executive board team to help grow the Libertarian Party of Maryland in 2022!

Eric Blitz, Chair

Eric Blitz was unanimously reelected Chair of the Libertarian Party, and continues to lead legislative advocacy.

David Dull, Vice Chair

David Dull is our new Vice Chair, and will also continue as our Director of Field Operations. In that role, David will organize and manage many of our outreach events, our local groups, and our volunteer operations. He will also assist the Chair with special project development and implementation.

Bob Johnston, Treasurer

Bob Johnston shall serve as the Treasurer. This is one of the most time-consuming and complicated tasks for any party and we are thankful that Bob is willing to continue with this responsibility. Bob will also focus on candidate recruitment and help with the candidate recruitment and support committee.

Sherri Drummond, Secretary

Sherri Drummand was elected Secretary of the Libertarian Party of – taking over for Robert Glaser after his 21 years of service!

Otto (Phil) Dassing, Membership and Events Director

Otto Dassing was reelected as an at-large member of the executive board and will continue to organize events including support for local group events. Otto is also the Region 5 Alternate of the LNC.

Alex Schlegal, At-large

Alex Schlegel was elected as an at-large member of the Libertarian Party of Maryland. Alex collected thousands of signatures for ballot access in multiple states during the 2020 Pandemic, ensuring 50-state ballot access for our 2020 Presidential Candidate, Jo Jorgensen, and running mate Spike Cohen.

Tim Miller, at-large

Tim Miller was elected as an at-large member of the Libertarian Party of Maryland.