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The Libertarian Party of Maryland is always looking for volunteers, and you might be surprised at how much is happening between elections. Naturally, we understand that everyone is busy with many competing interests and projects, so we provide lots of different ways for you to get involved. Choose whichever ones appeal to you. But choose something!


Take Action

Current Legislative Advocacy

Death with Dignity Act:

We are currently advocating for passage of the Death with Dignity Act, which allows personal choice to terminally ill patients to take a medicine to aid in their dying. Please read our full review of the Death with Dignity Act. The 2016 bill has yet to be introduced. This page will be updated when we have the respective bill numbers.

We are seeking legislative support for the bill prior to the session, which at this time involves seeking sponsors. One of the most effective ways you can easily assist at this time, is to send a message to your own representatives. Many Maryland legislators only accept messages using the forms from the  Legislator page. On the upper right-hand corner, there is a “Who represents me” link to look up your representatives by providing your address. You can click on each representative and then send your own message using the contact form (direct emails will likely not work). It is important to let them know that you reside in their district. Here is a Death with Dignity Legislator Contact Message providing sample language you can use in the contact message. You can amend the language to suit your taste and add a more personal messages (please always be courteous).

We’ll announce a lobby day event and other advocacy events as they are scheduled.

IMPORTANT: If you have a personal story or experience related to the subject of this bill, please contact Eric Blitz as you may be able to provide important information that can draw attention to the virtues of this legislation.

If you have questions or wish to become involved further, please contact Eric Blitz at email hidden; JavaScript is required.


Without a doubt, the best way to get connected with Maryland Libertarians is to become a Libertarian.  Our younger members should also check out the Young Libertarians of Maryland, by contacting YLM Director David Sgambellone email hidden; JavaScript is required.

But whether you do that or not, we hope you’ll want to use your favorite social network(s) to meet other Maryland Libertarians and keep up to date with the party’s major activities.

Maryland is not a huge state when measured in square miles, but it’s a long way from Deep Creek Lake to Ocean City.  Fortunately, if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you can “like” and “follow” us to get acquainted with a statewide network of like-minded people.  We’ll even throw in a wide range of libertarian news and commentary.

You can also view quality libertarian videos on our YouTube channel, where we feature videos from our own candidates and a host of other libertarian organizations.  Don’t forget to subscribe if you want notice whenever we post a new video!

If you’d rather receive information about the Maryland LP by e-mail, you can sign up for one or more of our listserv groups.  The MDLP-A list is a low-volume announcement list for Maryland libertarians.  Generally, no more than ten posts per month will be made to this list.  Messages will inform libertarians of upcoming meetings, events, and political activism.  This is the state party’s official listserv for all e-mail announcements, so please make sure you’re on it!  All you need to do is send a blank e-mail to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Historically, there have been other listserv groups to which many Maryland Libertarians have belonged, but recently they have been eclipsed by other technologies, especially social media websites.  If you are interested, however, you may wish to investigate the following Yahoo! Groups:

  • The md-lib list is a discussion list for Maryland libertarians.  It is used for general discussion, questions about policy, activities, etc. for Maryland Libertarians.  The list is privately owned, and its content and control are independent of the Maryland LP.
  • The md-lib-News list is a general news feed list of possible libertarian interest in the Maryland area.  The list is privately owned, and its content and control are independent of the Maryland LP.
  • The bclp-discuss list is a discussion list for Baltimore City/County libertarians.  It is used for general discussion, questions about policy, activities, etc. for Baltimore City/County Libertarians.
  • The hc-lp list is a discussion list for Harford County libertarians.  It is used for general discussion, questions about policy, activities, etc. for Harford County Libertarians.
  • The PGLP-A list a low-volume announcement list for Prince George’s County libertarians.  Generally, no more than ten posts per month will be made to this list.  Messages will inform libertarians of upcoming meetings, events, and political activism.
  • The SMLP-A list a low-volume announcement list for libertarians in Calvert County, Charles County, and St. Mary’s County.  Generally, no more than ten posts per month will be made to this list.  Messages will inform libertarians of upcoming meetings, events, and political activism.
  • The MCMDLibertarians list a low-volume announcement list for Montgomery County libertarians.  Generally, no more than ten posts per month will be made to this list.  Messages will inform libertarians of upcoming meetings, events, and political activism.
  • The WMLP-A list a low-volume announcement list for libertarians in Garrett County, Allegany County, and Washington County.  Generally, no more than ten posts per month will be made to this list.  Messages will inform libertarians of upcoming meetings, events, and political activism.
  • The College_Libertarians_of_Towson list is a low-volume announcement list.  Messages will inform college libertarians of upcoming meetings, events, and political activism.  To subscribe, send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required with the body of the email saying: “subscribe clt-l” (That’s an L, not a 1.)


The two same-old parties collect hundreds of millions of dollars from those who benefit from Big Government.  Can the Libertarian Party really compete?  Yes we can!  Numerous studies show that even very large disparities in campaign spending may have a relatively small effect on who wins, but there’s a catch:  Voters have to know we’re on the ballot before they can even think about giving us their votes.

Libertarian campaigns are nearly always underfunded, and what funding they have often comes primarily from the candidates’ own pockets.  Please help us help the men and women who are out stumping for liberty, by donating directly to their campaigns.  Remember:  They get mixed up in electoral politics so you don’t have to!

And if you’d like to help the state party finance more and better advertising, more and better events, and more and better resources to support our candidates at election time, please consider a donation directly to the Libertarian Party of Maryland.  You can make the donation online via Click and Pledge, or by sending a check to our snail-mail address:  P.O. Box 176, Abingdon, MD, 21009-0176.

Drive Liberty Home

Libertarian Party license plates are available in Maryland!  These license plates allow you to go beyond bumper stickers, and to show your support for the Libertarian Party everywhere you go.  To get your plates, email hidden; JavaScript is required.  Provide your postal address; you will be sent an authorized application, which you then fill out and send to the MVA in Glen Burnie.  The MVA charges a one-time fee of $25 for the plates.

Currently, LP plates are only available for automobiles, but please let us know if you would like to have an LP plate for your motorcycle.  We will ask the MVA to manufacture them for us as soon as we get 23 more requests.  Show your support for the LP!

Sample MDLP License Plate


For the past few years, Libertarians have been winning arguments; now it’s time to win some elections!  In 2015, we can make a big push to increase membership, expand our fundraising, educate the public more effectively, and improve our electoral results. To do this, we need the help of dedicated volunteers. Libertarians are still a minority within the political landscape of Maryland, but we can outperform our base if we work harder and smarter than the other parties.  Libertarianism is on the ascendancy in America and Maryland and we need to sustain that growth if we want to create a society that respects and protects liberty.

You might be the leader we need to organize a local group of libertarians in your area for social events, issue advocacy, or service opportunities. Or you might be able to provide valuable information to your fellow libertarians and the public at large about pending legislation. Maybe you have a talent for writing letters to the editor of your local paper. Maybe you can help organize a letter-writing campaign on pending legislation, or a petition drive to correct a mistake your state or local government has already made. The specific opportunities for volunteer service vary with the seasons, but the need is constant.

We organize our volunteers into working groups. Each working group will have a director. New working groups for specific projects will arise in the future, especially as we enter campaign seasons. We understand that everyone has a life outside politics (thankfully!) and there are limits to how much time each person can dedicate to the effort. We will take as little or as much as you can give. We won’t pressure people to give more of their time than they are willing to give. You can join as many working groups as you wish or move between them as your interests change.

The Working Groups

Social Media and Outreach. Help energize our base and expose others to libertarianism through social media, the MdLP website and our outreach efforts. The goal is to make our internet outlets active and dynamic. Through social media we can spread libertarian ideas and to reach out to other groups that share some or all of our goals. We also run booths at fairs and do outreach to the public to educate people about libertarianism, our party, and our candidates. We hope to reinvigorate our speakers series in the fall, holding events at local colleges.

The volunteers in this group will focus on gathering content (news stories, commentaries, memes, twitter trends, etc.) and distributing it through our Facebook, Twitter and website blogs. We are working on a revamp of the website to accommodate these efforts. We will coordinate with initiatives of the national party in this area. If you enjoy working with social media, like working remotely from home, and/or have strong communication skills, this might be a good group for you. They will also plan and prepare content for distribution and attend fairs, parades, and outreach events.

Fundraising. Few people enjoy fundraising, yet what all political organizations need most is money. It isn’t just the size and scope of libertarian efforts which are limited by our fundraising, but also the quality of those efforts. That can change as we make a concerted effort in 2013 to dramatically expand the party’s fundraising. If you enjoy speaking with libertarians, are self-confident and believe in the mission, you can be a good fundraiser. Developing your fundraising skills is important if you wish to run for office or take a future leadership role in any non-profit organization, including the party.

Our volunteers will organize fundraising events, direct-call solicitation of registered libertarians (phone banking), direct mail campaigns, internet ‘money-bombs’ and anything else they can think of to raise money for the party. Some projects will raise funds for specific purposes, others for general party activities. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t get what you don’t ask for’ — so we need to begin asking our Maryland libertarians to support our efforts with donations.

Social Events. Libertarians enjoy socializing with like minds, learning from each other and just having fun. We hold social events to build relationships between individuals and to help bring new people into the party. We are trying to hold one social event each month and will move the events around the state to accommodate as many people as possible.

The volunteers in this group will plan, organize, market, and run the events. If you enjoy planning social events, this might be a good group for you.

Data, Polling, Research. If information is power, then for libertarians, information is the means to limit power. Our party and our campaigns need quality information for an array of purposes.

This group will work on developing membership data for party building (helping the other working groups) and voter data for electoral processes. Volunteers in this group can also work on issue, candidate, and opposition research (all of the legal variety) that can be utilized both by the party and the relevant party candidates. Volunteers will learn how to prepare Issue Memorandums and how to update them or apply them to other tasks. We hope to also initiate internal polling at some point in time as there are many important questions which typical polling organizations never think to ask (as they don’t share our libertarian agenda).

If you are interested in data management or have technical skills in statistics or database management, we need you! However, most of our volunteers will be inputting and updating the data sets or conducting research. If you have good research skills and good writing skills, the research arm of this group may be of interest to you. Members of this working group will also be working with members of candidate campaigns past and present to identify information utility as we perfect how we seek out and present information to our candidates.

Membership. We have over 15,000 registered libertarians but very few are members of the party. Why? Come help us cure this problem by reaching out to those libertarians and non-affiliated libertarians to get them involved in our great party. Volunteers in this group will assist our Membership Director with increasing membership in the party.

As you can probably guess, much of the output of each working group will benefit the goals of other working groups. We are all in this effort together and together we will make this work.

If you are interested in volunteering, have questions about the working groups, or have suggestions for additional volunteer activities or working groups, please email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Please use this link to sign up to volunteer.

Run for Office

Self-government was never supposed to be a spectator sport.  Representation was never supposed to be limited to a tiny group of career politicians.  And it’s not just the service in office that matters; election campaigns are essential to the task of informing and persuading our fellow citizens that they can enjoy a brighter future with less government and more liberty.

Libertarians are often reluctant to run for office, and there are good reasons for that reluctance.  Most Libertarians genuinely don’t like bossing other people around.  We ourselves want to be left alone, and so our instinct is usually not to inject ourselves into other people’s lives to interfere with their choices.

The trouble is, if Libertarians don’t fill public offices, those offices will be filled by others who do want to interfere with the liberty of their fellow citizens.  And even in a race in which a Libertarian candidate doesn’t stand much of a chance, having a Libertarian on the ballot provides many opportunities to help inform the public and spark debate on crucial issues of public policy.

So we’re always in need of thoughtful, committed, well-informed, and articulate candidates who can carry the Libertarian message to new groups of voters with every election.  If you think you have what it takes to be that messenger, please email hidden; JavaScript is required.