About the Libertarian Party of Maryland

The Libertarian Party of Maryland is Maryland’s third-largest political party, uniting more than 24,000 registered voters across the state.  We believe in a smaller government that costs less and leaves individuals with more economic opportunity and more personal freedom.  We work to advance that view by supporting Libertarian candidates for local, state, and federal office.  

We also seek opportunities to work together with other civic organizations who share at least some of our principles or objectives, including groups that concern themselves primarily with civil liberties, world peace, fiscal restraint, and government reform.

You can read more about our state party platform here.


The Libertarian Party of Maryland is governed primarily by its Constitution and Bylaws.  The Constitution and By-laws entrust all party decision-making to the State Central Committee.  Currently, any Maryland resident who is an official party member may become a voting member of the Central Committee as long as he or she is a registered Libertarian and certifies that he or she agrees with the principle that no person (or group of persons) has the right to seek to attain values by initiating the use of force or fraud against any other person (or group of persons).  This is one version of the “non-aggression principle,” a fundamental principle of liberty and limited government.  Minutes of all Central Committee Meetings back to November 2000 are archived and available for inspection here.

Operational management of the Party is entrusted to an Executive Board of the State Central Committee.  The Board is composed of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, as well as three At-Large members.  The current membership of the Executive Board is as follows:

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Now that the Libertarian Party of Maryland has reestablished recognized party status in Maryland, we are working to re-build our registrations. If you vote Libertarian but you’re registered with another party, you could make a meaningful contribution to the cause of liberty in Maryland simply by changing your party affiliation, either online or with your local board of elections. Help us build up to 50,000 registered Libertarians in Maryland!