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The Libertarian Party of Maryland is part of the Maryland Open Government Coalition, a group of organizations that have worked hard to pass sunshine legislation (including the first major amendments to the Maryland Public Information Act in decades), all to increase transparency in government. We can’t argue effectively about the size and scope of government without access to the details of government activities.

One of the bills the coalition helped pass established the office of the Public Access Ombudsman, who is charged with mediating certain disputes involving public information act requests. Subsequently, HB1105 passed last year that focused on the lack of transparency of the Howard County Public Education system and charged the Public Access Ombudsman to investigate problems and make a report. If you or anyone you may know have had problems getting information or documents from any custodian of documents for the Howard County school system, please contact the Public Access Ombudsman before September 30th. See this notice for details on how to contact the Ombudsman: HB1105