Central Committee Minutes, 12 March 2016

Minutes of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Maryland — Saturday, 12 March 2016

Opening: The Libertarian State Central Committee of Maryland met at Squire’s Restaurant in Dundalk, Maryland. The meeting was called to order at 5:11 pm by chairman Bob Johnston.

Attendance: the Credentials Committee consisted of: Robert Glaser; Stuart Simms; and Tony Spezio. It validated that 23 Central Committee members were in attendance for the meeting. No proxies were represented. The Central Committee rolls consist of 36 members.

Minutes: The minutes of the 9 January 2016 Central Committee meeting were accepted as submitted.

Treasurer’s report: was accepted as submitted by Michael Linder.

Chairman’s Report: Bob Johnston reports that we have 81 members and $240 in monthly pledges. We have 16,866 registered voters as of 1/31/2016, have doubled the Green Party registration, and are about halfway to the 1% threshold. We have six candidates on the ballot with two more to be voted on today. The Baltimore City Comptroller race is one-on-one.

Vice-Chairman’s Report: Eric Blitz reports that a lot of our legislative work comes from working with coalitions, including: the ACLU of Md.; Common Cause; and the Maryland, Delaware and DC Press Association. People in the legislature are giving us credit for wins. Many Marijuana bills, this probably will be a multi-year fight. Corporate tax reduction. Ballot access testimony is tomorrow, probably will not go forward this session. We are getting asked for support on various matters now, when we get Ballot Access legislation up for a vote we will ask for similar assistance.

Scott Spencer, LNC alternate rep. (Jim Lark away): new logo rolled out as in LP News, more polished and professional. A new contractor is working on affiliate support, creating templates for state party’s websites. An ad hoc committee was formed to take bids on rebuilding the LP website. We had ballot access in the most ever states – over 30 – out of the last election cycle. Oklahoma is looking good as is Illinois; we are likely to have at least 48 states if not 50. Some state chairs are reporting an upswing in membership, National is down.

Program Committee’s report: The committee recommended by a 6-1 vote to change the State Program bullet under Health Care to: “Promote a free market system that respects the freedom of individuals to control their own health care, end of life choices, medicines, treatments, and health insurance.” Passes unanimously on a voice vote.

Nominations for public office: Scott Soffen for U.S. House, 7th district; approved unanimously on a voice vote. Arvin Vohra for U.S. Senate; approved unanimously on a voice vote.

Delegates to the National Convention: Arvin Vohra, Chelsey Snyder, Tim Sutton, Dave Sgambellone, Jackie Cook, Scott Spencer, Tom Olson, Eric Blitz, Kelly Shine, Colleen Quinn, Shawn Quinn, Christopher Gannon, Angela Reese, Micah Reese, Mike Linder, Jason Summers, Scott Soffen, Megan Soffen, Patricia Soffen, Dean Ahmad, Derek Pomery, and Stuart Simms were nominated and approved as delegates. The Secretary is directed to fill out the delegate and alternate lists with remaining Central Committee members. We are allotted 22 delegates plus 50 alternates.

Officer Elections: Robert S. Johnston III was nominated for Chairman; passes unanimously on a voice vote. The following were nominated as officers: Eric Blitz, Robert Glaser, Michael Linder, Stuart Simms, Shawn Quinn, Chelsey Snyder. As there were no more than six nominations and there were no objections, the nominations were voted upon as a slate; a unanimous voice vote approved the slate.

Shawn Quinn: plans to put a banner on his R.V.: Quinn for Governor 2018 Libertarian Party of Maryland; asked for approval, no objections.

Resolution: The Maryland LP would like to thank Dr. Jim Lark for his service to the Maryland LP as LNC rep.

Announcements: Eric Blitz asked for help with PA petitioning; the Gary Johnson campaign is looking for a Md. Director; a gun bill rally on Tuesday in Annapolis with two bills coming up. Scott Spencer announced that the PA convention is in Philly next weekend. Stuart Simms advises that the John Stossel debate with LP presidential candidates will air on April 1. Robert Glaser has license plate applications on hand and MdLP caps for sale.

Adjournment: the meeting adjourned at 6:37 pm.

–Robert Glaser