Central Committee Minutes, 15 March 2020

Minutes of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Maryland — Sunday, 15 March 2020

Opening: The Libertarian State Central Committee of Maryland met at the Cambria Hotel Arundel Mills/BWI in Hanover, Maryland. The meeting was called to order at 2:34 pm by chairman Bob Johnston.

Attendance: the Credentials Committee consisted of: Robert Glaser; Stuart Simms; and Dean Ahmad. It validated that 33 Central Committee members were in attendance for the meeting. One proxy was represented. The Central Committee rolls consist of 52 members.

Minutes: The minutes of the 10 August 2019 Central Committee meeting were accepted as submitted.

Chair’s Report: Bob Johnston thanks Stu Simms and Krystal Woodworth for putting on this convention. He welcomes Tyler Harris, Executive Director Dan Fishman, and LNC representative Dr. Lark. It was agreed without objection to: nominate delegates as a slate if we have exactly 20 nominees; and to allow Dr. Lark to act as parliamentarian. The modified agenda was agreed upon unanimously. We have 112 members and 17,931 registered voters. The MdLP lost the federal lawsuit over petition requirements. We thank the national party for providing $15k and David Lasher for donating $10k towards the petition, with $5k coming from the MdLP. Once we get back on the ballot, we will have the Presidential and U.S. House candidates, plus elections in Baltimore City and Cecil County. We will have a tight timeline nominating candidates after hopefully regaining ballot access. We are having success with some of our local groups. He thanks Michael Linder who is stepping down as Treasurer after ten years.

Platform Committee’s report: The committee recommended no change to the State Platform.

Treasurer’s report: was accepted as amended by Michael Linder.

Constitutional Amendment:

V5D append: “The Treasurer is authorized to expend funds as directed in a budget approved by the Executive Board or by a separate resolution of the Executive Board.” V5F, replace “Any action” with “The Executive Board shall authorize the expenditure of Party funds by adopting a budget, which shall be published to the members of the Central Committee by email 10 days prior to its adoption, or by separate resolution. Except for the funds already expended, any action”. Remove all references to the Finance Committee. The vote passes unanimously on a voice vote.

Delegates to the National Convention: Alex Schlegel, Arvin Vohra, Bob Johnston, Chris Gannon, Chris Wallace, Clif Keller, David Dull, David Griggs, David Lashar, Dean Ahmad, Ed Fochler, Eric Blitz, Jared Schneiderman, Jordan Appler, Kyle O’Donnell, Lorenzo Gaztanaga, Matt Beers, Michael Downs, Michael Linder, Paul Eads, Phil Dassing, Rose Mooney, Stu Simms, Susan Gaztanaga, Tim Miller, and Tim Mooney were nominated as delegates. Ballots were printed and distributed. After the first ballot David Griggs withdrew; after a total of five ballots successively removing the candidate with the fewest votes each time, the following were voted in as delegates: Bob Johnston, Phil Dassing, David Dull, Dean Ahmad, Chris Wallace, Stu Simms, Eric Blitz, Susan Gaztanaga, Jared Schneiderman, Tim Miller, Lorenzo Gaztanaga, Alex Schlegel, Clif Keller, Michael Downs, David Lashar, Chris Gannon, Michael Linder, Matt Beers, Tim Mooney, and Jordan Appler. We are allotted 20 delegates plus 50 alternates.

LNC Representative Dr. Lark: “We live in interesting times.” Questions about coronavirus interference with meetings and national convention; unknown, looking into contingencies and bylaws. Compared to Europe, the U.S. is still the bastion of liberty, but there are a number of young self-identified libertarians. He invites contact at email hidden; JavaScript is required. Questions about court cases nationally about coronavirus impacting petition gathering: Dan Fishman replied that National is looking into this on a state-by-state basis; report voter reticence at LP.org/report (Ballot Access Problem Hotline).

Presidential Candidates: five minutes was provided during the vote count for each of the candidates and others who purchased table space to speak during a rules suspension.

Officer Elections: Robert S. Johnston III was nominated for Chairman; elected unanimously on a voice vote. The following were nominated as officers: Michael Linder, Eric Blitz, Stuart Simms, Krystal Woodworth, David Dull, Phil Dassing, and Robert Glaser. David Dull withdrew, leaving six candidates for six positions. It was agreed to vote as a slate, which was elected unanimously on a voice vote.

Eric Blitz serves as Secretary while Robert Glaser works on ballot tabulation.

Bylaws change: Motion made by Bob Johnston to Amend the Bylaw on Delegates to the National Convention to change the words “smaller than” to “less than or equal to”; passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Motion by Dean Ahmad proposing a constitutional amendment, to amend Article V, Section 6 Subsection B, to provide a mechanism by which 10% of the members of the State Central Committee could submit a petition to call for a meeting of the State Central Committee. After debate, an amendment to the motion was accepted by Dr. Ahmad and the following motion was made: Append the following sentence to V6B: “A written petition of twenty percent or more of the members of the State Central Committee may call a meeting of the State Central Committee for a specific stated purpose.” The motion passed unanimously by voice vote and the motion was referred to an investigating committee pursuant to Article X, Section 1, Subsection B. The following members of the State Central Committee were appointed to the investigating committee: Bob Johnston, Dean Ahmad, Eric Blitz, David Dull, and Brian Krahling.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 5:22 pm.

—Robert E. Glaser/Eric Blitz

Minutes of the Investigating Committee of the Libertarian Party of Maryland

The investigating committee of Bob Johnston, Dean Ahmad, Eric Blitz, David Dull, and Brian Krahling reports:
We support proposed amendment provided it be amended to read:
“A written petition of twenty percent or more of the members of the State Central Committee as of the close of the previous central committee meeting may call a meeting of the State Central Committee for a specific stated purpose.”
Reason: The added phrase will avoid disagreements over the number of signatures needed or the eligibility of signers in a prudent manner.