Central Committee Minutes, 26 August 2017

Minutes of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Maryland — Saturday, 26 August 2017

Opening: The Libertarian State Central Committee of Maryland met on the grounds of Dave Sten’s home in North East, Maryland. The Treasurer’s report was distributed. The meeting was called to order at 4:40 pm by chairman Bob Johnston.

Attendance: the Credentials Committee consisted of: Robert Glaser; Stuart Simms; and Tony Spezio. It validated that 18 Central Committee members were in attendance for the meeting. Four proxies were represented. The Central Committee rolls consist of 50 members.

Minutes: The minutes of the 29 April 2017 Central Committee meeting were accepted as submitted.

Treasurer’s report: was approved as submitted by Michael Linder.

Chair’s Report: Bob Johnston thanked Dave and René for hosting the picnic; he reports that we have 124 members and 20,446 registered voters as of 7/31/2017 – just over 0.5%. Need 1% in the gubernatorial election to maintain ballot access. We have five nominated candidates presently. We have until July 2, 2018 to get candidates on the ballot. Goal is to run a full slate of candidates for federal office and also some local races. The 2018 General Assembly starts in January, contact Eric Blitz about legislation. Baltimore City is in play for the 2020 LP National Convention.

James Lark, LNC regional rep: Had LNC meeting last week. Took questions: still assisting international libertarian groups; fundraising is okay.

Nominations for Public Office:  Kevin Caldwell for U.S. Congress, District 6: nominated unanimously on a voice vote; Michael Carney for U.S. Congress, District 2: nominated on a voice vote. Arvin Vohra for U.S. Senate: nominated 15 For, 4 Against.

Samuel Chase Freedom Award: was presented to Dave Sten by Ron Kean and Bob Johnston after an historical description by Dean Ahmad.

Announcements:  Robert Glaser has license plate applications and extra newsletters on hand, and MdLP caps for sale.

Adjournment: the meeting adjourned at 6:22 pm.

–Robert E. Glaser