Central Committee Minutes, 9 August 2008

Minutes of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Maryland
Saturday, 9 August 2008

Opening: The Libertarian State Central Committee of Maryland met on the grounds of Dave Sten’s home in North East, Maryland. The meeting was called to order at 4:46 pm by chairman Bob Johnston.

Attendance: the Credentials Committee consisted of: Robert Glaser; Dave Sten; and Bill Buzzell. It validated that 12 Central Committee members were in attendance for the meeting. The Central Committee rolls consist of 34 members.

Minutes: The minutes of the 1 March 2008, 19 May 2008, and 8 July 2008 Central Committee meetings were accepted as submitted.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted by Michael Linder. He closed one Bank of America account and replaced it with a more frugal PNC account. We currently have three bank accounts: regular (BoA), administrative (PNC), and FEC (PNC).

Chair’s Report: Bob Johnston reports that all eight Congressional candidates are officially on the ballot. We have at least four districts where we are the only non Rep/Dem candidate. He sent out a press release to 25 small papers, but none were picked up yet. Asks us to plan on helping out on Election Day Nov. 4 at the precincts. We also need volunteers for a phone bank. Bob is looking to build our membership after the election. He thanked the Stens for hosting the picnic, and Jim Lark for making the long drive to attend.

Jim Lark: mentioned that Sept. 17 is Constitution Day; it is a good opportunity for press releases and candidate activity.

Lorenzo Gaztañaga (2nd): has been able to make outreach at various events since July 4, including Pride (Annapolis) and Vote the Power (Aberdeen); is working with the Greens.

Darlene Nicholas (5th): got some good press; had interview in the Gazette; filled out political courage test on Vote Smart; was a field marshall at the Revolution March; sending in questionnaire for Calvert Co. LWV; prepared a candidacy newsletter and picnic.

Gary Hoover, Sr. (6th): doing outreach; met a lot of people, especially at the Hagerstown July 4 fireworks; getting local press; invited to Carroll Co. LWV and National Association of Retired Federal Employees forums. Looks to increase LP exposure in western Md.

Susan Gaztañaga: The Baltimore LP is about the only remaining affiliate which is active. It has a number of events which require registration fees, and the treasury is low. Susan raised enough donations to fund the events ($115).

Dave Sten: had been storing LP material for some time and it needs to be redistributed; dispensed outreach material to activists at the picnic.

Presidential Electors: The following were voted as Presidential Electors committed to Bob Barr: Robert Glaser, Bob Johnston, Spear Lancaster, Steve Boone, Dave Sten, Susan Gaztañaga, Lorenzo Gaztañaga, Michael Linder, Bill Buzzell, and Donald Nicholas.

Adjournment: the Central Committee meeting adjourned at 5:59 pm.

–Robert E. Glaser