Thoughts & ideas from Maryland Libertarians
Here are thoughts and ideas from members of the Maryland LP.  To have yours posted here, email hidden; JavaScript is required Just Take it All (renamed by the Sun to The merits of Hogan’s tax cuts) — Robert E. Glaser in the Sun Registering guns wouldn’t help — Douglas McNeil in the Sun Arundel student should not lose his 2nd Amendment rights — Robert E. Glaser in the Sun It’s Time to End the War on Drugs — Scott Soffen in the Sun Electronic Petition Signatures – Robert E. Glaser in the Sun Opposing the Purple Line on Principle — Mark Grannis in the Gazette Income Tax — Individual versus Corporation – Jack R. Jones Labor Law and Overtime – Jack R. Jones Gerrymandering the News — Mark Grannis in the Sun Jobs Stimulus – Robert E. Glaser In Defense of So-Called “Cutting and Running” – Alexander S. Peak Patriot Act? President Bush doesn’t need no stinkin’ Patriot Act! – Robert E. Glaser Torture Is Now Virtuous? – Alexander S. Peak The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002: A Threat to Freedom – Alexander S. Peak What To Do If There Is A Draft – Alexander S. Peak Conservative Socialism – Alexander S. Peak Flag-Burning: a Detriment to the Oceanian Way – Alexander S. Peak I Have A Litmus Test – Alexander S. Peak Do You Want Bigger Government? – Alexander S. Peak Your Role in Party Activism – Brian Wilson Alan Greenspan the libertarian – Michael Listman