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UPDATED Official Election Results:

Shawn Quinn, Governor: 25,382   1.5%

Leo W. Dymowski, Attorney General: 57,069   3.4%

Scott Soffen, Congressional District 7: 6,103  3.0%

Arvin Vohra, Congressional District 4: 2,795  1.5%

Ronald M. Owens-Bey, Maryland House of Delegates District 45: 2,734  4.4%

Leo M. Martin, Garrett County Commissioner (District 1): 2,505  28.6%

Bill Welch, Garrett County Commissioner (District 3): 920 10.1%

David Sgambellone, Anne Arundel County Commissioner (District 2): 900 4.4%

Peggy J. O’Donnell, Calvert County Commissioner (District 2): 2,156 6.7%

Prior Article:

Though the results remain unofficial, most importantly because they don’t include the 40,937 absentee and provisional ballots the State Board of Elections won’t finish counting until November 12th, the top story for libertarians in this year’s election will remain unchanged. Shawn Quinn and Lorenzo Gaztanaga broke the 1% barrier and the party therefore qualifies for continued ballot access! Shawn Quinn received 1.45% of the vote for Governor, which the best in the history of the Libertarian Party of Maryland and the first time any third party candidate was able to break the 1% threshold in 44 years. Team Quinn’s 2014 showing was especially impressive given that the race between the Republicans and Democrats was so competitive, which likely drained votes from their total due to ‘lesser of two evils’ arguments and partisan value indexing being more important in such a high profile, turnout advocacy race.

The other statewide race, Leo Dymowski’s run for Attorney General, also set a high-water mark for the party. Even before the absentee and provision ballots are counted, Leo received 53,891 for 3.38% of the vote. That is the highest vote total for a third party candidate in Maryland since 1968.

The award for the highest percentage for a Libertarian in 2014 goes to Mayor Leo Martin, who received 28.4% of the vote in his run for Garrett County Commissioner in District 1, a two person race. The runner up for highest percentage was Bill Welch, who ran for Garrett County Commissioner in District 3. Despite being in a tight five person race (Bill, a Republican, a three-term councilperson of Oakland running as an unaffiliated, a write in who was the incumbent, and a Democrat), Bill received 9.95% of the vote, beating out the Democrat.

Our two congressional candidates were Scott Soffen in the 7th District, who received 2.94% of the vote against long-time incumbent Elijah Cummings and Arvin Vohra in the always tough 4th District, who received 1.45%.

The only Libertarian running for the House of Delegates (District 45) was Ronald Owens-Bey, who received 4.4% of the vote.

In the other local races, Peggy O’Donnell received 6.69% in her race for the Board of Calvert County Commissioners and Dave Sgambellone received 4.4% in his race for Anne Arundel County Council.

Congratulations to all the Libertarian Party candidates and thank you for your hard work.