End Montgomery County’s State Monopoly on Alcohol

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“This is a system that is incredibly slanted against the consumer and ordinary citizen,” says Peter Franchot, Maryland’s Comptroller. He continued, “We’re probably the worst, most regulated county in the entire country.” Libertarians agree with Mr. Franchot, that the government shouldn’t be in the liquor business.

Adam Pagnucco has done a great job exposing the failures of Montgomery County’s monopoly control over alcohol distribution on the Seventh State political blog. In Montgomery County, distributors must first sell to a county middleman, the Department of Liquor Control, which then sells to retailers after charging a markup. In addition, the DLC has a complete monopoly on the wholesale and retail sales of hard alcohol. Mr. Pannucco’s analysis must have really hit home, because it drew a response from Gino Renne, President of a local union that represents Montgomery County employees. Mr. Pagnucco then dissected Mr. Renne’s arguments with an excellent series of posts. The exchange is well worth the read and we are thankful for David Lublin’s Seventh State blog for raising the profile of this issue.

Local libertarians in Montgomery County should join the fight to help end this unsupportable government monopoly and get a ‘win’ to help improve the lives of county residents.