Bitcoin: How to Use the Currency of the Future and Why it Matters

Bitcoin: Why it matters
The Montgomery County Libertarians will offer a free presentation and workshop on the benefits and basics of bitcoin on Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 7pm EST.
Bitcoin aligns with many libertarian principles, including privacy and voluntary financial exchange, and is poised to explode in popularity as major financial entities like Paypal will begin to accept Bitcoin starting this year. Viewers will hear from national Bitcoin experts on the benefits, roots and future of Bitcoin, and learn how to set up their own Bitcoin wallet in the practical workshop.
Additionally, viewers will receive a resources guide curated by world-renowned Bitcoin experts especially for this special presentation.
This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required to protect the virtual viewing experience.
Calvin Tran is a documentary filmmaker and founder of NODEHAUS Media. He produced and directed Rizqi Presents Blockchain for CoinDesk and Amazon Prime, and is now available on Learn Liberty’s YouTube. Calvin previously worked at blockchain tech sites including CryptoCoinsNews, the Bitcoinist, and CoinSpice.
Jim Epstein is a writer and producer with, where he primarily covers bitcoin, education, and urban issues. His more memorable stories include a feature story on the secret, dangerous world of Venezuelan bitcoin mining; a documentary on how Robert Moses destroyed an all-black community on Manhattan’s Upper West Side that was featured in the New York Times; a report on Washington, D.C.’s taxi medallion system that got him arrested; a documentary about Brazil’s growing libertarian movement; and a re-reporting of the New York Times’ series about labor abuses in nail salons, which convinced the paper’s public editor to conclude that the paper’s coverage “went too far in generalizing about an entire industry.”
Rob McNealy and his wife Kristie were two of the original co-founders of TUSC. Once the TUSC blockchain was launched, it became decentralized, meaning that all control, decision making and governance functions were controlled by the community via proposals and online voting. Rob and Kristie are still very active members of the TUSC community. Together, they operate Ready Rhino, a TUSC block producer, and they also help grow TUSC through the TUSC MP, the first marketing partner for TUSC.

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Jan 21 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm