The two same-old parties collect hundreds of millions of dollars from those who benefit from Big Government.  Can the Libertarian Party really compete?  Yes we can!  Numerous studies show that even very large disparities in campaign spending may have a relatively small effect on who wins, but there’s a catch:  Voters have to know we’re on the ballot before they can even think about giving us their votes.

Libertarian campaigns are nearly always underfunded, and what funding they have often comes primarily from the candidates’ own pockets.  Please help us help the men and women who are out stumping for liberty, by donating directly to their campaigns.  Remember:  They get mixed up in electoral politics so you don’t have to!

And if you’d like to help the state party finance more and better advertising, more and better events, and more and better resources to support our candidates at election time, please consider a donation directly to the Libertarian Party of Maryland.  You can make the donation online via Click and Pledge, or by sending a check to our snail-mail address:  P.O. Box 176, Abingdon, MD, 21009-0176.