Run for Office

Self-government was never supposed to be a spectator sport.  Representation was never supposed to be limited to a tiny group of career politicians.  And it’s not just the service in office that matters; election campaigns are essential to the task of informing and persuading our fellow citizens that they can enjoy a brighter future with less government and more liberty.

Libertarians are often reluctant to run for office, and there are good reasons for that reluctance.  Most Libertarians genuinely don’t like bossing other people around.  We ourselves want to be left alone, and so our instinct is usually not to inject ourselves into other people’s lives to interfere with their choices.

The trouble is, if Libertarians don’t fill public offices, those offices will be filled by others who do want to interfere with the liberty of their fellow citizens.  And even in a race in which a Libertarian candidate doesn’t stand much of a chance, having a Libertarian on the ballot provides many opportunities to help inform the public and spark debate on crucial issues of public policy.

So we’re always in need of thoughtful, committed, well-informed, and articulate candidates who can carry the Libertarian message to new groups of voters with every election.  If you think you have what it takes to be that messenger, please email hidden; JavaScript is required.