Harford County Libertarians

The Harford County Libertarians are a local group of libertarians supporting liberty and the Libertarian Party.

You can follow the Harford County Libertarians on Facebook.

The Chair of the Harford County Libertarians is Chris Gannon. You can reach Chris via email at: email hidden; JavaScript is required

To join the Harford County Libertarians, please sign up at: LPMDLocal

Currently Harford County Libertarians are seeking leaders to help establish and grow a thriving Libertarian Community. Below is a list of all open leadership positions with generic responsibilities attached. All positions are currently volunteer basis but will require a resume and interview upon application. If an interested applicant has no political resume or experience he or she may substitute resume with a short biography about them self explaining why they are a libertarian, why they think they would be good for the position and anything else they would like to include.

If you are interested in one of the following positions below please send an email to Chris Gannon at: email hidden; JavaScript is required. Declare the position you are interested in your message and someone will contact you via email explaining the next steps.

Positions (All positions are currently volunteer basis)

Vice Chair 

The Vice Chair will serve as an assistant to the Harford County Chair and will act as Harford County Chair in the Chairs absence. The vice chair will oversee Media Outreach, Student Chair, Volunteer Manager and Social Media Managers.

Budget Manager

The budget manager will be responsible for keeping record of donations, event revenues and head count of Harford County registered Libertarians. Will work closely with state LP.

Event Chair

The event Manager will work closely with Chair to schedule and execute, events, fundraisers and meetings.

Social Media Manager (3)

Social Media managers will be directly in charge of the Harford County social media pages with intense focus surrounding engagement and views. Social media managers will work with Event Manager to create and post events / advertise on social media. Social media managers are required at a minimum to post three times a day on Harford County pages. Social Media Manager is responsible for the overall growth of the Harford County pages.

1 – Facebook Manager

1 – Instagram Manager

1 – Twitter Manager

Media Outreach Chair

Media outreach manager will be responsible for networking with state and national media to build relationships, report news and will be in charge of creating a monthly email newsletter.

Crypto Chair

Crypto Currency manager will be in charge of executing small monthly events that educate attendees on the basics of crypto currency. The Crypto currency manager will be in charge of sending Crypto email newsletters out monthly.

Student Chair 

The Student Chair position is open to any college students. The student chair will serve as spokesperson for the Harford County LP and their school. Responsibilities include, student engagement, lectures, event planning, building a student coalition.

Volunteer Manger (3)

Volunteer Managers will build organize and oversee a team of volunteers to help with state and county initiatives such as petition signatures, campaign door knocking, event helpers,

IT Manager

Will assist with general technical questions by county managers. Create flyers, graphics, web pages and provide general IT.

Fundraising Manager

Will be responsible for gaining physical donations from local businesses for fundraiser auctions at events. Possess knowledge around email fundraising. Works closely with the treasurer to develop goal and fundraising strategy.

3 Media Personalities

3 Media personalities will be needed for daily Podcasts and Video reports in relation to National and local LP News. News reports will be non bias and strictly deliver facts with the overall goal of creating public awareness surrounding local politics. Media personalities must commit to hosting at least two 30 minute audio segments a week.

Business Relations Chair

General tasks include planning monthly meetings related to networking, coaching, training and development of new and existing Libertarian businesses in Harford and surrounding Counties.