If you could vote to legalize cannabis, would you? You may be soon be given that choice. That’s the plan of advocates for legalization in Maryland. Delegate David Moon and Senator William C. Smith, Jr. have introduced a bill to put the issue to the voters of Maryland via an amendment to the Maryland constitution. Since polls show that more than a majority of Maryland voters support legalization, the only thing stopping legalization is that the legislature has to pass a bill to send it to the voters. That’s the plan, now we need the action. Testimony has been heard by the committees of the General Assembly, but we need the leadership’s help to get the bill out of committee. For years we’ve advocated on behalf of various legalization bills, but they always fail because committee chairs won’t give them an up or down vote. This is the year to put legalization to the voters of Maryland. So if you are a Maryland resident, please consider contacting your legislative leaders and ask them to help move this bill through towards final passage.

So download the PDF using the link above and send it to the email or snail mail addresses listed. Help us, help you…gain greater liberty to decide the issue for yourself.