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=====> DEADLINE: noon Monday, June 22, 2020!!! <=====
(But you don’t have to wait until the last minute. Really.)

The next issue of the Free? State Libertarian newsletter is planned to be out for July. Looking for articles, comments, and photos from events since the last issue. Include pics! Describe your experiences with the online National Convention (part I), your opinion on the protests, government handling of COVID-19, etc.

Please report on any letters to the editor that you had published, radio or tv appearances, or anything relevant across the state that has some connection to a Libertarian issue for the regular feature IN THE NEWS. The subsequent issue will be for December, so if you have any outreach plans between now and then, it would be beneficial to include them now as well. Anything else you can think of. Local Groups/College chair and officers’ reports, announcements, and general articles are solicited. Please send in any info on upcoming events, meetings, and get-togethers as well.

Please don’t send me a note telling me that I (or somebody else) should write an article on a favorite topic. Write it yourself or solicit someone else for the job. I don’t mind cleaning text up, but the content should be yours. Also please don’t forward me articles that have been published in some other newspaper or magazine for reprinting unless you have already secured reprint permission for the FSL. A short excerpt is fine, particularly if you are going to comment on it, but I’m not keen on making our newsletter a reprint vehicle.

Please email articles to email hidden; JavaScript is required, fax 214-889-3668, or snail mail to LPMD Newsletter, PO Box 321, Owings Mills, MD 21117. Photos are also solicited. I much prefer text via email so that I don’t have to retype it. I can convert from most any word processing format. Don’t be ashamed to hand me hard copy, though. I want your articles any way you can generate them. Dictate to a cassette tape if you have to, and I’ll (have Google) transcribe it. I’m not kidding! We need submissions — either about something in Maryland, or written by someone in Maryland. Preference is given to authors who are MdLP members.

Back issues can be found at
I am also looking for advertising — do you know anyone who is willing to place ads? Or put a message in yourself to help support the MdLP. (It’s a convenient way to contribute by placing a business card, etc. — maybe you can deduct it as an advertising expense.) Ask your business associates, local vendors, etc. if they’ll at least put a business card ad in.

Advertising Rates

$100 Full Page
$60 1/2 Page
$35 1/4 Page (both sides of a business card)
$20 1/8 Page (business card)

Make checks payable to the Md. Libertarian Party, and send along with copy to PO Box 321, Owings Mills, MD 21117. (Or use the Donate Now option on the webpage to pay, select “General Contribution,” and email the copy.)

=====> DEADLINE: noon Monday, June 22, 2020!!! <=====

Please mention this to anyone concerned you know who is not a recipient of this email.

Robert E. Glaser
Free? State Libertarian Editor