Helping in Maryland

First and foremost, vote! Vote your convictions and beliefs about public policy, not for reasons of partisanship or because the candidate sounds or looks like a professional politician. While we hope that if you’ve read this far, you’ll consider voting for our Libertarian candidates, we win either way if people are voting based upon ideas and policies. We trust people to gravitate towards liberty, if given a clear choice. By basing their vote on issues, citizens send a message to the political class as to their political preferences. If our government is to be representative, responsive and accountable, citizens can’t replace ideas with nothing but party allegiance. The main parties stand for a wide range of conflicting ideas. If your vote doesn’t tell the politicians and the media anything of substance, they are free to ‘interpret’ the election results for us to suit their own purposes. Because we are different, if you vote Libertarian, you will be sending a clear, unambiguous message about the policies you prefer. Don’t vote for us as a party, but as a label that stands for a set of clear, consistent, and effective set of principles.

Register as a Libertarian. Measured by registered affiliations, the Libertarian Party is the fastest growing party in Maryland. You can register or change your affiliation (if already registered) to Libertarian. Stand up and be counted as preferring liberty as the primary political value! While the two-party operatives will continue the tired argument that by registering Libertarian you can’t vote in their primaries, are you really going to miss the false choices between hopelessly compromised politicians? Where are the real choices within the other parties? Sadly, few and far between. Instead, if you register Libertarian, you can participate in the choosing of Libertarian candidates at the Central Committee meetings and help build a party for the future.

Become a member of the Party. Membership in the party is open to all libertarians, even if you are registered with another party for purposes of voting (Some limitations apply–for example, to run for office as a Libertarian or to serve on the Central Committee in Maryland, you must be both a member of the party and registered as a Libertarian). You can become a member of the national party and the Maryland party. Membership is the best method of staying up to date with the party’s activities, getting involved, and meeting other libertarians. The small fee (currently only $20) helps fund the party here in Maryland. You can become a member of the Libertarian Party of Maryland using this form or by signing up electronically (select Party Member). You can become a member of the national Libertarian Party here.

Volunteer. You can volunteer to help with issue advocacy, party-building, or on campaigns. Whether you have expertise or skills that are valued or just the time and energy to do your part, volunteering puts you in touch with other local libertarians and provides the opportunity for making meaningful contributions to protecting and expanding liberty in Maryland. You can read more about volunteering or even sign up on our Volunteer page.

Donate. You can guess why a party that isn’t promising to use government to give out special favors doesn’t get special interest fundraising. This makes our individual libertarian donors that much more important. To be effective, any organization needs to raise funds. Do your part by making a voluntary contribution towards supporting the Libertarian Party of Maryland. We work very hard to be efficient with every single dollar donated. No perks to insiders. No frivolous spending. We value your contributions and dedicate the money to building the party, the candidates, the mission.

Speak up on the issues you care about. The Libertarian Party engages in issue advocacy. When it comes time to send emails or place calls to your elected representatives for an issue that we are focusing attention on: be heard! When it comes time to give public testimony on bills the Libertarian Party of Maryland supports or opposes, come to Annapolis and help other Libertarians argue for the correct result. We can and are making a difference on issues. You can help.