Leo Dymowski and Leo Martin Nominations

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Leo Dymowski, a former trial attorney and now a hearing officer with the Maryland Parole Commission, was nominated for Attorney General by the Libertarian Party of Maryland at last Saturday’s annual convention.  Leo is campaigning to end the drug war and citizen disarmament legislation.  Leo’s website can be found at: http://www.vote4leo.org/index.html

Britten (Leo) Martin, the current Mayor of Mountain Lake Park, was nominated by the Libertarian Party to run for the Board of Garrett County Commissioners (1st District).  During his nomination speech Leo stressed  his record of fiscal discipline as Mayor and that he is proposing a 5% across-the-board tax cut in each his four year term, for a proposed 20% total tax and expenditure decrease for Garrett County.

In other news from the April 5, 2014 annual convention, the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Maryland retained the current executive board.  The Board held a brief meeting to elect officers.  Robert Johnston shall serve as the Chairman, Eric Blitz as Vice-Chair, Michael Linder as Treasurer, Robert Glaser as Secretary, Stuart Simms, Mark Grannis and Timothy Sutton as At-Large members.

The Central Committee approved 12 program amendments (all those proposed by the Program Committee except vote 12, on Property Rights) and also proposed three amendments to the party constitution.