Libertarian Party of Maryland Calls for Hogan to Change Syrian Refugee Policy

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The Libertarian Party of Maryland has joined with 37 other organizations calling on Governor Hogan to welcome Syrian refugees and to end his current discriminatory policy of requesting that the federal government not send Syrian refugees to Maryland. People seeking entry through refugee status are the most extensively vetted group of immigrants to the United States. While it is reasonable to control the entry of foreign nationals who pose a credible threat to security, that control must be reasonably related to the risks presented by individuals (which vetting can and will determine) and must never contain blanket prohibitions that discriminate based upon racial, ethnic, or national identity. The Syrians who would qualify for refugee status and relocation are the victims of war and persecution that have often suffered from gross violations of their human rights. To deny refuge to such victims is to let borders trample the cause of human liberty. A long tradition of America welcoming the dispossessed, the persecuted, and the victims of war has made us a stronger country. It is consistent with our values in allowing people the freedom to choose to become an American.

The party joined in a letter to Governor Hogan which you can read here. We urge our supporters to reach out to their representatives, including Governor Hogan, to let them know that you oppose the unfair discrimination against Syrian refugees and support welcoming those refugees who have been vetted for security concerns into Maryland. You can look up and contact your Maryland representatives here.

In addition, to easily send a form email to Governor Hogan on this subject, we recommend you consider this link at the ACLU of Maryland.