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Below is a press release issued by the Maryland Libertarian Party on January 30, 2019:


Maryland Libertarian Party applauds Baltimore’s top prosecutor’s decision to no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases


The Maryland Libertarian Party supports the decision of Marilyn Mosby, the State’s Attorney of the city of Baltimore, to no longer prosecute cases of marijuana possession.

“Like alcohol prohibition before it, the prohibition of cannabis has inflicted disastrous consequences on individuals and society. It has eroded civil liberties, fundamentally harmed the relations of police to the communities they are supposed to serve, and lead to the unjust and unequal treatment of people of color by the law,” said Eric Blitz, Legislative Director for the Maryland LP.

Mr. Blitz continued, “Ms. Mosby’s new policy will save countless lives and the political courage it took for her to announce this policy should be an example to Maryland legislators who can and should pass legislation to fully legalize cannabis for the entire state.”

Libertarians believe that a person should not be punished for what they consume or put in their body, only for crimes of physically harming a person or their property.

Further, minorities are treated much worse than whites when it comes to the War on Drugs, despite usage being equal.

The Libertarian Party has been against marijuana prohibition and the War on Drugs since its inception in 1971.