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From Ballot Access News on January 22, 2019:

“On January 22, the Maryland Libertarian Party asked a U.S. District Court to prevent the state from printing up new registration cards that omit the Libertarian Party as a choice, at least until the main issue in the party’s lawsuit is settled.

“The party went off the ballot in November 2018 because it didn’t poll 1% for Governor. However, the party has over 20,000 registered members.

“The lawsuit argues that the ballot retention law, as applied to a party in its position, is unconstitutional. The state says the party needs a petition of 10,000 signatures in order to get back on the ballot, but the party argues that it is not rational for the state to require the party to submit 10,000 signatures, when it is obvious that there are more than 10,000 voters in Maryland who want the party on the ballot.

“Clearly if a party has over 20,000 registered members, any petition to show that 10,000 voters want the party on the ballot is redundant.”

The case is Johnston v Lamone, 1:18cv-3988.