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Announcement by the Chair:

We have a great executive board team to help grow the Libertarian Party of Maryland in 2021! I am pleased to announce that the Board and I have arrived at specific roles for each of our members.

Krystal Woodworth, Vice Chair

Krystal Woodworth shall serve as the party’s Vice-Chair and also serve as our Executive Director. Krystal will manage the multitude of operational processes that make our party work, including the website and our social media, serving on our communications and messaging team, and managing and supporting the coordinators that we will have for membership and events, volunteers and local groups, and the special projects committees (registrations, candidate recruitment and support, videos, signs, and more). She will also assist the Chair with special project development and implementation.

Kyle O’Donnell, Political Director

Kyle O’Donnell shall serve as the Political Director for the Libertarian Party of Maryland. Kyle will be responsible for helping the Executive Board develop strategic messaging and be primarily responsible for implementing those messaging strategies. Kyle will also be responsible for developing and implementing political strategies with the Chair, as well as building and nurturing our coalitions with issue-oriented advocacy groups and other liberty-friendly organizations. Kyle will take the lead on our data operations in support of the party and our candidates.

Bob Johnston, Treasurer

Bob Johnston shall serve as the Treasurer. This is one of the most time-consuming and complicated tasks for any party and we are thankful that Bob is willing to take on this responsibility. Bob will also focus on candidate recruitment and help with the candidate recruitment and support committee.

Robert Glaser, Secretary

Robert Glaser shall continue to serve as the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Maryland and as editor of the newsletter.

David Dull, Director of Field Operations

David Dull is our new Director of Field Operations. In that role, David will organize and manage many of our outreach events, our local groups, and our volunteer operations. If you want to get “active” within the Libertarian Party of Maryland, contact David!

Otto (Phil) Dassing, Membership and Events Director

Otto Dassing will become our Membership and Events Director. Otto will be responsible for recruiting new members and member retention. He will also be working on the organization and marketing of our events, including support for local group events.

That’s your new executive board. I believe we are well-situated to work with all our volunteers and supporters in Maryland.


Eric Blitz, Chair