One Month Out; Quinn at 4%; Dymowski at 5%

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According to a new Washington Post/University of Maryland poll (October 5th), Libertarian Shawn Quinn is at 4% of likely voters (6% of registered voters) in the race for Governor, and Libertarian Leo Dymowski is at 5% in the race for Attorney General. In a pleasant surprise, Leo Dymowski is at 16% among independents/others who say they are likely to vote. According to the poll, that race also has a very substantial number of people who are undecided, so Leo’s potential for growth (especially among independents) is high. Considering that Shawn and Leo get a tiny fraction of the fundraising and media that the other candidates receive, their numbers are very respectable. It is also nice to see that they are being regularly included in such polls, which has not always been the case in the past.  You can read the Washington Post’s story on the poll HERE.

Now for a bit more editorializing (by Eric Blitz):

If you look at the details of the poll, you can observe that Independents and Others (which would include Libertarian registered voters) report that 48% are absolutely certain to vote and 18% will probably vote for Governor. Compare this to the overall samples results of 60% absolutely certain and 18% probably (62%/11% for Democrats and 65%/18% for Republicans). This is consistent with the results of other non-Presidential year statewide election results in Maryland, in which our Libertarian registered voters only vote at a rate of 44% (42.1% in 2010 and 46.7% in 2006). It also largely explains why Shawn is at 6% of registered voters and 4% of likely voters. We need to get out and vote at a much higher rate than this! If Republicans and Democrats, with their boring and quite predictable candidacies can turnout at 60%, so can we. We should be outperforming the major parties in this regard! Please Libertarians, make sure you plan ahead when and where you will vote (statistics show a marked increase in actual voting percentages when people have made that plan) AND actually go out and vote Libertarian! It is so important to maintain our ballot access (we need to reach 1% in the Governors race in 2014) as a party. The last time the party spent approximately $33,000 to regain ballot access. For a small (but growing!) party with a small donor base, that is a huge burden. Wouldn’t you rather that money be spent supporting libertarian ideas through outreach and messaging, or candidate support? Please remember to vote and vote for all our great Libertarian candidates.