Calling all Maryland Registered Voters!

If you are a registered voter in the state of Maryland and are 18 years or older, please fill out this form to get Libertarians on the ballot in time for 2020 Presidential Election.

We are not asking you to register or vote Libertarian. This is to establish the Libertarian Party as an officially recognized party, offering greater voter choice on election day.

Your petition information must match the Board of Election’s records exactly. So please carefully follow these instructions or your signature could be invalidated.

NEW: Electronic Petition! You can now sign the petition electronically. All you have to do is follow the instructions to fill in your email, name, date of birth, and the street number of your address and the rest of the petition form will be accurately filled out from the information on record at the Board of Elections. Then just sign the petition electronically (exactly as your name is listed on the form) and we’ll print it out and submit it to the Board of Elections.

Follow this link to use the electronic petition:

If you want to use the traditional method of printing out your own petition and mailing it in, you can do that by following the instructions and form below.

Check your registration:

  1. Visit the Board of Elections website. Enter the required fields and click “search” and locate your registration record. Copy and paste the following information into our form:
    • the name as shown under “Voter Name”
    • the first line as shown under Residential Address;
    • the city, state, zip as shown under Residential Address.
    • Next, click “Local Board of Elections Information” and enter your Local Board of Elections county name (or Baltimore City).
  1. Click “create personalized petition form.”
  2. Print the .PDF document on a clean white sheet of paper.
    Inspect and double check to make sure your information is printed properly.
  3. Immediately sign it with an ink pen in two places:
    Below your name in spot #1, and at the bottom above Circulator’s Signature. Your signature should match the pre-printed name exactly.
  4. Address envelope OR click this link and print the return address on the blank side of the paper.
    Petition Signature
    Libertarian Party of Maryland
    P.O. Box 176 Abingdon, MD 21009-0176
  1. Get a stamp and mail it!
    Please don’t delay — time is of the essence.
  2. Send a link to this petition page to your family and friends and ask them to provide a signature.

Custom Petition Form

Thank you very much for helping provide voter choice in the state of Maryland!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this private?

In this day and age, many of us are reticent to provide personal information (with good reason) and you may be reluctant to enter it here. But the BoE already has this information — it is entered here only for you to print. We send these forms to the state Board of Elections for processing. So, you are not putting your privacy in jeopardy. Please fill in the information fields below — if anything is in the slightest way incorrect, they will not count your effort!

How do I open a .PDF?

Most people already have software installed on their computer to open and read .PDF files. If you do not, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

How do I print on the other side of the paper?

If you’re not sure how to print on both sides, put a small mark with a pencil or pen on a clean white sheet of paper and put it into your printer with the mark facing up before printing the petition form itself. Don’t close the tab or window just yet (you might have to reprint). Put the same sheet of paper back into the printer, this time with your mark facing down (it might have printed on the marked side or the clean side). Print the address side. Hopefully it is on the opposite side of the sheet from the petition form. If both printed on the same side, try again.

I clicked submit. Where did my form go?
The form will probably open in a new browser tab or window, but if you don’t see it there, look wherever your browser normally saves downloaded files such as your “downloads” folder.

Can I collect signatures from friends and family?
YES! If you wish to get signatures from other family members or friends, please print out a customized petition sheet using this form for each person. You can bundle and mail them together to save on postage, but do not print petition forms on both sides of a sheet of paper. The BoE will invalidate those. If you want to have multiple registered voters sign the petition on one form, see below.

Can I print out the form and fill it out manually or use it to gather signatures of others?

Yes, if you are 18 years old or older. Print this form on one side of the paper. Very important: Each petition page is limited to being signed by registered voters of one County or Baltimore City, so if the registered voters signing the petition are from different counties, have them sign a separate form for each County. The County designation must be filled out prior to presentation to the voter for their name, address, date and signature. You can collect up to 5 signatures on a page. Tell the voter that:

They should print their name and address as that name is listed by the Board of Elections (shown on their voter card if they have one, or in the registration section of the Board of Election’s website). Remember to tell the voter that they must sign the form in the exact same way that their name is printed on the form. They must also date their signature in the appropriate space. Because you will be signing the affidavit at the bottom, you must witness the voter sign the petition form.

It can be helpful to attach one of these description blurbs to the clipboard.

After you have witnessed one or more signatures on a form, you can attest to the petition signatures in the circulator’s affidavit at the bottom of the form. You cannot fill this section out before the signatures! You must fill out your address and the date you are signing the affidavit. The date of the affidavit must be on or after the signatures on the petition, or they will be invalidated. Therefore, we recommend that you fill out separate forms for any given day that you collect signatures and put those forms away for mailing, so you are not mistakenly adding a signature to form already signed and dated as a circulator. Note that your affidavit as a circulator is under oath, so it should be 100% truthful.

If you are under 18, please ask the voter to fill out the form on the website as described above, as they will then be signing as both the voter and the circulator.