Our Platform

Freeing the citizens of the "Free State!"

First Steps

The purpose of the Libertarian Party of Maryland is to use the political process to promote freedom as the primary value in the organization of a healthy society.  We elect Libertarians to public office, influence elected and appointed officials, and move public opinion toward supporting increased liberty in our daily affairs.  Our liberties were not curtailed overnight and we do not expect them to be restored overnight.  This platform represents our first steps toward expanding and protecting our freedoms.

The Party of Principle

Don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff.

Jobs & Wealth Creation

Free people & free markets.


Your family, your choice.

Health Care

You own your body. You decide.

Crime and Public Safety

No victim? No crime.

State Government

Less is more.

Property Rights

Keep what’s yours.

Land Use, Transportation, & Environment

Keep it local & keep it responsible.

Jobs and Wealth Creation

  • Reduce government spending and lower the tax burden on Maryland taxpayers.
  • Restructure the tax system to encourage economic growth. Eliminate subsidies and special tax breaks. End public funding and financing of stadiums, hotels, and other facilities which are properly private activities.
  • Reform licensing laws that unfairly restrict competition and protect special interests.
  • Encourage entrepreneurs and small business start-ups by eliminating barriers to economic opportunity.


  • Increase parental choice in education.
  • Support  and encourage smaller, more autonomous neighborhood schools.
  • Encourage privately funded K-12 scholarships for non-government educational activities.
  • Discourage government interference and control with home schooling.
  • School boards should be elected, not appointed.


Promote a free market system that respects the freedom of individuals to control their own health care, end of life choices, medicines, treatments, and health insurance.

Crime & Public Safety

  • Redirect law enforcement towards crimes against persons and property, rather than victimless crimes.
  • End pre-conviction asset forfeiture.
  • End the drug war. Promote medical treatment, rather than prison sentences for substance abuse.
  • Law‑abiding citizens have the constitutional right to arm themselves to protect their homes and liberties. Permit the carrying of firearms with training and a background check (shall‑issue).

State Government

  • Prohibit Maryland officials from funding or participating in domestic espionage and bulk data collection. Prohibit Maryland from using or maintaining such data except in accordance with a constitutionally proper warrant.
  • Eliminate preferences for special interests.
  • Establish an objective redistricting process to end gerrymandering.
  • Decentralize government in Maryland. Politicians should respect the right of local communities to govern themselves to encourage civic participation and account for regional differences.
  • End exclusionary ballot access laws and encourage ranked choice voting to foster a strong and vibrant democratic process.
  • Eliminate unfunded mandates on local jurisdictions.

Property Rights

  • Forbid government entities from abusing the power of eminent domain in order to transfer private property to privileged individuals.
  • Phase out government entities that compete against the private sector.

Land Use, Transportation, and the Environment

  • Eliminate all subsidies to developers.
  • Insist on maintaining local control of zoning decisions and limit state zoning mandates on local jurisdictions.
  • End the bipartisan practice of raiding the Transportation Trust Fund for non-transportation projects, which increases traffic gridlock.
  • Promote free market environmentalism to promote conservation and environmental protection. Prevent pollution and increase environmental awareness by making polluters pay for environmental damage through civil liability. 

Approved by Central Committee, April 28, 2019

Download a copy of the: Libertarian Party of Maryland Platform