Rennaisance Festival

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Renn Fest is THIS Saturday, October 12! Last weekend they sold out around noon, and we only have 15 people committed to going, so we are not going to try to purchase group tickets this year. Please consider purchasing tickets online, ahead of time at:

Please bring your Libertarian signs to put in your car windows!

This is a casual, social event. If you want to stick with the group – great! If you want to say hello, then do your own thing, go ahead! And if you want to do a little bit of both – fantastic!

The theme is Robin Hood, but cosplay is not required.

Please download the image below so you have the rendezvous schedule. As stated above: you are not expected to meet at these times, it is just an opportunity for those that are interested to reunite.

10:00 – Front Gate
11:00 – Globe Theatre
1:00 – The Chapel
3:00 – The Joust Arena

Contact me at KWemail hidden; JavaScript is required if you have any questions! See you soon! –Krystal Woodworth, Vice Chair.