Subject:  Special Central Committee Meeting

Date/Time:  June 7, 2018 (Thursday), 7:00 pm

What:  Libertarian Party of Maryland Central Committee meeting

Location:  3213 Patmor Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117 (Robert Glaser’s home)

Agenda:  Candidate nominations for public office

Note:  MdLP dues expired earlier this year for some recipients of this email.  Your membership status must be current to retain voting ability in the Central Committee.  You can make payment at this meeting.

Attendance:  If you cannot attend, please send in a proxy designating another member of the Central Committee as agent, granting that agent the power to vote in the Central Committee.  Sign and date the statement.  Mail it to the above address or provide it to your designated agent.  Fax or scanned (a smartphone picture also works) proxies via email to email hidden; JavaScript is required also okay. 410-363-6626

Parking is challenging along the semicircular driveway, so just pull all the way forward and we’ll have to leave FIFO.  If the ground is dry you can park partly on the grass along the road itself and halfway off of the driveway to let others exit around your car.  Please walk around the left side of the house to the rear downstairs entranceway.

Directions from I-695 to 3213 Patmor Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117

1: Take the MD-140/REISTERSTOWN RD. exit, number 20, north

2: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp if leaving westbound 695;    or turn left at urban diamond if leaving eastbound 695.

3: Merge onto REISTERSTOWN RD. for 1.1 mile

4: DO NOT turn right onto CRADDOCK LN.    Turn right at the seventh traffic light onto GREENSPRING VALLEY RD.

5: at stop sign, turn left onto GARRISON FOREST RD. for 1.1 miles

6: at stop sign, Turn RIGHT onto CAVES RD. for 0.1 miles

7: at SPRINKLE LN. and mailboxes on right, veer slight RIGHT uphill    onto PATMOR RD. for 0.2 miles 8: 3213 on right, blue reflectors, and LED address sign

From the Reisterstown direction:

1: Go south on Reisterstown Road.

2: Go straight at the traffic signal at Painters Mill Road.

3: Pass the divider lane wall at St. Thomas Lane, in between re-opened    Krispy Kreme and Popeye’s:  can no longer turn left here, across from Wegman’s

4: Turn left at the next traffic signal into Garrison View Rd.

5: Turn left at Woodkey Ln.

6: Turn right onto St. Thomas Lane.

7: Proceed to the dead end and turn right onto Garrison Forest Rd.

8: Go down the hill to stop sign; turn left onto Caves Rd. for 0.1 miles

9: Follow steps #7 & #8 above.

From the Owings Mills Metro stop:

1: turn left onto Painters Mill Rd.

2: turn right at Reisterstown Rd. and follow from step #3  immediately above. or,

1: take Owings Mills Blvd. towards Reisterstown Road.

2: turn right onto Reisterstown Road and follow “From the Reisterstown direction” instructions.