Stay With Us!

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Libertarians in Maryland will soon receive a letter from their local Board of Elections notifying them that the party has lost its ballot access status and therefore the voter can change their affiliation or stay registered as Other-Libertarian. We tried to have a federal court stop this process with a temporary restraining order, but that request was denied. The important point for all our registered Libertarians is that you can continue your voter registration as Other-Libertarian. When the party regains its ballot access status, if you remain as Other-Libertarian you will then be converted to Libertarian (though you may receive another letter informing your right to change your affiliation status at that time).

Please stay with us, remain as Other-Libertarian while we do the work necessary to overcome the state’s ballot access restrictions, whether by petition or our pending federal court case. New registrants can also register as Other-Libertarian. Current Democrats, Republicans, unaffiliated and others can also choose to register as Other-Libertarian. Don’t be afraid of others…register Other-Libertarian!

If you want to learn about our lawsuit, you can read about it HERE.