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Government vaccine mandates won’t work and infringe on individual bodily autonomy. The Libertarian Party of Maryland condemns such mandates in the strongest terms as a violation of human rights.

Whether it is President Biden’s announced mandate of vaccines for most federal workers and businesses, or local Maryland governments mandating vaccines through vaccine passport schemes, any mandate that is backed by government force to compel a medical procedure is a gross injustice.

People have had plenty of time to collect evidence on the efficacy of the covid vaccines and that information has been ubiquitous. Competent individuals have the exclusive authority over their medical decision-making and the right to determine if a vaccine is best for them. Some have made a conscientious and informed judgment that is different from the consensus. That is what liberty protects–your right to direct your own life’s choices, not be compelled to a different outcome because of the insufferable hubris of those who claim they know what is best for everyone and are willing to use force to achieve it.

Politicians always feel the need to appear to be doing something. When they can’t convince people of their arguments by persuasion, they know they have plenty of cheerleaders applauding the use of force. History has shown that when people are in fear, they cede politicians powers that they come to regret. The size and scope of government overreach never retreats willingly and emergency powers quickly become the norm.

Mandating vaccines will not have the effect that supporters of mandates suggest. The American people will rebel against the compulsion and partisanship will quickly displace reasoned debate. People will reject vaccinating themselves simply because of who is promoting them and the mandates will therefore be counterproductive. Some are upset that the vaccine debate has been politicized, but making government policy is inherently political. Mandates that limit an individual’s liberty to choose for themselves are especially political. If you want something to be non-political, don’t use government to dictate outcomes.

Eric Blitz, Chair, Libertarian Party of Maryland