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The Libertarian Party is different from the others.  We’re different because we are firmly committed to a few basic principles of political philosophy, and these principles keep us on the straight and narrow politically.  Our opposition to aggression, our respect for personal autonomy, and our thirst for justice are all so deeply rooted as to be essential to our political identity.  That’s a key reason Libertarians don’t fall for some of the state-sponsored coercion that politicians in the other parties push on us, from taxpayer-funded bailouts to unconstitutional infringements of our civil liberties.

These principles are so important that we work hard at informing and persuading voters of our philosophy.  We don’t just want votes; we want an expanding social consensus in favor of liberty.

Still, as a political party, our goal is to elect Libertarians to office wherever we can.  And to do that, we need effective political action.  We invite everyone who shares the libertarian philosophy to become a capital-L Libertarian, by joining us in the specifically political part of our mission.

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