Become a Libertarian

You can be a “card-carrying” member of the Libertarian Party, both nationally and in Maryland, even if you are registered as a Democrat, a Republican, or an Unaffiliated voter.  Joining the national and state parties is a great way to learn more about Libertarian policies and Libertarian candidates you’ll be proud to support on election day no matter which party the State Board of Elections think you belong to.  You can get further information about joining the national party at, and you can download the membership form for the Libertarian Party of Maryland here.  You can even join the Maryland LP online.

But what if you want to do more than just get your feet wet?  If you’re committed and ready to dive right in, please change your party affiliation in the state’s voter registration database.  The State uses party affiliation as one of the ways parties can qualify for ballot access, so increasing the number of registered Libertarians in Maryland is the surest way we can free ourselves from the discriminatory ballot access laws that currently apply to everyone but the Democrats and Republicans.  Changing your registration is easy, using the State’s online voter registration tool.  Alternatively, you can download the form here, and then fill it out (listing your party as “Libertarian”) and mail it back to your local board of elections, whose address you can find here.